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General Dentistry

We offer all treatments to restore and protect your mouth and teeth for a happy, healthy smile and to enable the enjoyment of food

Emergency Care

  • We can quickly and effectively help you with dental pain, even if you are apprehensive or nervous about visiting the dentist
  • We offer emergency treatment for up to £115, which will aim to get you out of pain that same day (can include tooth extraction or starting root canal treatment).

Comprehensive Dental Examination

  • We thoroughly assess your dental health to plan effective treatment of any problems and to prevent further dental problems in the future
  • We believe in long lasting quality care for life-long oral health
  • The condition of your mouth and teeth, any treatment that may be required and the costs involved will be clearly explained to you

Hygienist Appointments

  • Hygienists play an important role in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums
  • Our hygienist can professionally and gently treat your gums to help prevent loss of your teeth from gum disease, and give you the advice and tools needed to help you take good care of your teeth and gums
  • A clean and healthy mouth will help you to keep your teeth, improve your smile and keep your breath fresh

Fillings and Inlays

  • Dental decay and broken teeth can lead to pain, difficulty in eating and an unattractive smile
  • We use high quality materials to restore your teeth to function properly and let you smile with confidence

Crowns and Bridges

  • Badly damaged teeth can be protected with crowns, a type of cap that completely covers your own tooth
  • We can make crowns that are virtually indistinguishable from your own teeth, whilst having the strength to give long term protection to your teeth from further damage
  • Bridges can be an option if you have missing teeth
  • They are similar to crowns in appearance and can offer a fixed way to replace missing teeth

Root Canal Treatment

  • Sometimes the nerve or ‘pulp’ of a tooth can be damaged, which can lead to significant pain or infection
  • Often when this occurs, the tooth is removed
  • However, root canal treatment can offer a way to save your tooth from being removed, and despite what you may have heard elsewhere, we can provide root canal treatment pain free


  • We can provide instant pain relief by removing a tooth which cannot be saved quickly and pain free
  • We can nearly always remove a tooth within our own practice, even if you have been told previously that you need to be referred to hospital for tooth removal


  • We can provide comfortable and natural looking removable replacements for missing teeth when this may be a good option for your needs

Dental Implants

  • Dental implants are often considered to be the most effective and secure solution to replace missing teeth
  • Dental implants can offer you a long term fixed option to replace missing teeth, enabling you to smile and eat with confidence
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