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Who We Are

At Garden City Dental we approach the care of our patients in a way that we believe sets us apart from other dental practices.

dedicatedWe are dedicated to helping apprehensive patients receive the care they need.

All our current staff are very understanding of the needs of apprehensive patients. Between us, we can offer all sorts of strategies to help you cope with treatment. Click here to learn more about how we help nervous patients.

interventionWe believe in minimal intervention.

The less teeth are drilled and filled, the better for their long term health. There is no hard sell at our practice. Our aim is to ensure you can enjoy the same food at 80 that you did at age 8. That is not to say that we cannot provide high quality cosmetic dentistry, we are more than happy to do this if you request it and we are confident it will not harm your teeth.

judgeWe will never judge you or “tell you off”.

Our only interest is to work with you to sort out your dental issues at your own pace. We understand that cost can be an issue and will explore all options to help overcome this.

Our Team

Our whole team have a similar approach to treating our patients with a calm, caring and friendly manner.

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